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 Ranks Explained

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PostSubject: Ranks Explained   Ranks Explained EmptySat Jan 23, 2010 5:39 pm

You might be wondering what the different ranks in the bottom on the homepage convey . Well , here they are explained for your understanding .

Ranks Explained Adminsitrator_final_Rank [Administrator] : This group comprises of the board Administrators . Members cannot request to be a part of the group .

Ranks Explained Moderator_final_Rank [Moderator] : This group consists of the board Moderators . We might need Moderators from time to time and might ask users to apply for the post . But , unless we need , users will not be made Moderators even if they send PM or ask to be one .

Ranks Explained WingCommander_final_Rank [Wing Commander] : This is a very special group , actually one the special groups that the users can ask to be part of . Users found posting information heavily in the "Combat Aircraft & Helicopters" sub-forum will be given this special rank . But make sure you post sense and not just spam around . Although users are generally promoted to this rank by the group Moderator , users can ask to be a part of the group by sending a PM to the group Moderator ; but make sure that you post after promoted to the rank or else you will be removed from the group .

Ranks Explained WeaponSpecialist_final_Rank [Weapons Specialist] : This is also a special group of which members can be ask to be a part of . In this case the concerned sub-forum is "Armaments" . The same technique to be part of this group applies for this rank as the previous one . Make sure you post in the section after the rank is awarded ; we always keep an eye on the activity of the users .

Ranks Explained EducationInstructor_final_Rank [Education Instructor] : This is by far the most interesting rank . Users are supposed to post in the "Multimedia" sub-forum to have this rank . Make sure you post contents in the correct section . To be a part of the group , send a PM to the group Moderator or else if you are found posting heavily in the sub-forum , you will be automatically assigned the rank .

Ranks Explained Banned_final_Rank [Banned] : This group represents all those members who were banned for violating the Rules of the forum . Users are banned after giving them 4 warnings . So , be careful .

Thats it folks , I guess now you are aware what the different ranks are . Good luck !
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Ranks Explained
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