Get to know everything about combat aircrafts and helicopters and the technology that made them legends .
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 Aero Legends : A Preface

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Aero Legends : A Preface Empty
PostSubject: Aero Legends : A Preface   Aero Legends : A Preface EmptyTue Feb 09, 2010 4:48 pm

I would like to welcome all of you to Aero Legends , a forum aimed at providing everything about Combat Aircrafts and the technology used in them . You many have found a lot of forums that are similar to this , but we are a hardcore Combat Aircrafts forum where you find movies , streaming videos , ebooks and even defense news related to Airforce along with normal image gallery and information . We donot promote any specific Airforce of any country , it's just a common place to share what you have and get to know more .

You might be having a few questions in your mind as stated below :

Why Aero Legends ?

A question might pop up in your mind as to why you should join Aero Legends since there are a lot of websites that provide information , images and movies ; but they donot do it under a single roof ! It is here that you get everything in just one place . Moreover , here you get feedback from the other members which brings a factor of closeness among you .

When I can view everything without registering , why register ?

We have kept everything for public viewing , so you can view even as a guest . But the question arises as to why you should register ? It would take some time of yours . Think about the difference between a website and a forum . Without members , a forum is just a website . In a forum you get to share thoughts , ideas and get applauded by fellow members . This is why we ask you to register and take an active part in it .

This forum is worthless , almost no members here . Its just a waste of time . Why should I join ?

Ya you are right and wrong both at the same time . Yes , it has almost no members , just a few at this moment but this forum is definitely not worthless . It has the potential to become a huge one provided you join and take part actively . Every forum starts off as a new one with very less members and posts . But it grows gradually with the members' activities . So , I request you to actively take part in it .

Why I went for this type of forum ?

Well , thats a question you would like to know the answer of . I have always been fascinated by Combat aircrafts , armaments , the technology used and everything related to them . In short , I am crazy about them . So , I thought why not open up a forum and allow people who have a similar taste to join and communicate . Its not that I opened up a forum just like that . There was no such forum , so I opened up one myself .
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Aero Legends : A Preface
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